low angle photo of city high rise buildings during daytime


Our seasoned project management team oversees every aspect of your project, ensuring timelines, budgets, and quality standards are meticulously met. With a focus on clear communication and efficient coordination, we guarantee smooth project delivery from start to finish.

low angle photography of cranes on top of building
low angle photography of cranes on top of building


Project Management


Designing Architectural and Construction Plans

Transforming ideas into tangible structures, our expert designers craft innovative architectural and construction plans tailored to your needs. Combining creativity with technical expertise, we deliver plans that marry aesthetics with functionality, setting the blueprint for your project's success.


Obtaining Building Permits

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape, we handle the intricate process of obtaining building permits on your behalf. Our experienced team ensures compliance with local regulations and codes, streamlining the approval process and expediting your project's commencement.


Engineer Supervision

With a focus on precision and quality assurance, our skilled engineers provide diligent supervision throughout every phase of your project. From site inspections to technical oversight, we uphold rigorous standards to guarantee the integrity and safety of your construction endeavors.

Rasm Al-khaleej specializes in residential construction work but boasts a wide portfolio covering also commercial and insdustrial projects.
brown pencil on white printing paper
brown pencil on white printing paper
person drafting on blueprint
person drafting on blueprint